Poetry by Jeff Green


It Would Be Nice If It Were True

by cricketjeff on March 30, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It would be nice if it were true
That one day I could sit with you
To listen as you reminisced
And tell you all that you have missed

You only saw my eldest son
Then slipped away before the fun
We had three more (to my surprise)
You’d love them all “when they’re abyes”

It would be nice if they could meet
The man who set me on my feet
And laugh to hear from other lips
The same eccentric little quips

The family that you worked to build
Has spread and seen its dreams fulfilled
We gather as we used to do
And when we meet thoughts turn to you

It would be nice if you were there
Reliving memories we share
I know you’d laugh to see the crowd
I hope that we’d all make you proud

But then I think of how life’s changed
Our certainties are re-arranged
You were the son of older days
When lives were lived in other ways

I’ll keep the you that lives inside
And knows the me I try to hide
When things go well I’ll feel you’re glad
And smile that you’re still my Grandad