Poetry by Jeff Green


To Mum!

by cricketjeff on April 2, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though everyone you meet has had a mother
That’s not a cause for them to beat the drum
But I’ve a boast that betters any other
My mother’s not a mother, she’s a Mum

When I was small she saw that I was started
Along the road to where I had to be
Despite me deeds my Mum stayed open hearted
For fifty years she’s been my certainty

If we were ill she nursed without complaining
She lead the cheers when we were on the field
She helped us pull whenever we were straining
My Mum’s the only prize I’ll never yield

Today’s your day, sit back and have a rest
With love to you, The Mum who’s still the best!

Author notes

Today is Mother’s day, “Mothering Sunday”, in the UK