Poetry by Jeff Green


The Downside of Spring

by cricketjeff on April 3, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I was sitting unconcerned and then I sneezed
No shy affair it almost felled the walls
And started several North Atlantic squalls
Those pollen spreading booby traps had teased
The people of the neighbourhood weren’t pleased
Once sneezes start they come in waterfalls
And rip the nights like whizzing cannon balls
July will come before the pains are eased

I’m off to find some drops to sooth my eyes
And check we have a tissue box or six
Each day for months the pollen count will rise
As grass and trees get up to nasty tricks
The beauties of the season seem like lies
To those of us who’re stuck within this fix

Author notes

I don’t suffer badly really, just a few sneezes and very sore eyes on high count days.