Poetry by Jeff Green


Safe and Sound

by cricketjeff on April 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The cobras all quivered and shivered and shook,
The bravest amongst them not daring to look.
It’s hardly surprising they preyed for release
Their lookouts had spotted a wedge of mongeese

It’s easy for cobras in baskets to smile
They’re fed and they’re sheltered at least for a while
But out on the plains or in fields or by hedges
These snakes are at risk from the mongeese in wedges

So if out in India you happen to spot
The coils of a cobra that shake like a tot
It isn’t an Einstein who quickly deduces
That somewhere nearby is a wedge of mongooses

Collectively cowardly under their hoods
They scuttle away to the safety of woods
Where safely alone and where mongeese don’t wedge
The quivers of cobras eat meat and two veg!

Author notes

A quiver of cobras, and sort of a wedge of geese!