Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s a Joke!

by cricketjeff on April 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Am I awake, or fast asleep?
It’s sometimes hard to tell,
The World’s a vast unplanned mistake,
Perhaps I’m one as well.
I don’t believe the evening news,
There’s far too little sense;
No people really hold those views,
Those are not real events.
I was asleep, I know that much,
I thought I was awake,
But since my mind’s so out of touch
This could be a mistake.

I look around, the room seems real,
I think these are my thoughts,
But others tell me what I feel,
I must be out of sorts.
I never understand today,
Until it’s been and gone,
And so I’ll go and find my bed
Then turn my dreams back on.
In dreams I find there’s sanity
Devoid of foolish folk —
And if you’re wise you’ll come with me
This waking life’s a joke!