Poetry by Jeff Green


Scenes From My Scrapbook

by cricketjeff on April 10, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The silver-gilded mountains in a frosty April dawn
The meadows filled with buttercups in May
An old man fighting daisies on a billiard table lawn
Old paintings of the countryside at play
A lazy game of cricket in the patchwork Sussex downs
A dozen schoolboys going for a run
The toddlers in the sandpits of a thousand country towns
Are snaps of England’s innocents at fun

But rainy grainy Mondays while you’re waiting for a bus
Uncouth unmannered Grans who cannot queue
The man without a problem who still wants to make a fuss
Are all a part of all that made me too.
I’ve climbed up Lakeland’s mountains in a fog too dense to hear
And sheltered from an ice-toothed Norfolk gale
I’ve slept on August beaches in the hope the sky would clear
And woken up the same unhealthy pale

The sounds of gentle lapping from a punt beneath some trees
A well planned picnic spread upon the bank
A kite that’s fighting rising to the early evening breeze
While someone turns an Austin Seven’s crank
It’s fish and chips or chicken from the chippy on the green
Then pints of local cider in the pub
Half watching whiskered colonels hoping they cannot be seen
Taking practice shots with bread-sticks for a club

A lonely tasteless burger in a café that I passed
While driving home from working late at night
A caravan that dawdles thinking thirty is too fast
Without a single passing place in sight
The wet and dirty slushbanks when the snow is past its best
Cold wind that find a way through every seam
Not picture-postcard pretty but they’re here applying zest
The ying to match the yan that makes my dream

A band of happy sparrows eating biscuits by a bench
Ignoring games of football in the park
A filthy leathered biker lets his girlfriend hold his wrench
And curses when his plugs refuse to spark
The blunderbuss-made image of the only home I’ve known
Condensed to words that bounce around my mind
They’ll stay with me forever when more famous scenes have flown
I love them all too much to leave behind.