Poetry by Jeff Green


Simple Things

by cricketjeff on April 14, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I love to watch a wiggle walking
Love to hear a giggle talking
Sexy girls can make your day
And quickly whirl the blues away

The morning breaks to bleary eyes
Beneath unfriendly sea-grey skies
But every pretty girlish smile
Will change your weather for a while

A tiny skirt revealing stocking
Foolish flirts some see as shocking
The day’s begun when you spend time
In harmless fun that’s not a crime

The train to work is filled with scowls
From headache ridden party owls
But then a cheerful female face
Can put the heavens back in place

A tailored suit on slender curves
A blouse that’s cute and calms the nerves
They give a lift that makes things light
Refusing gifts is impolite