Poetry by Jeff Green


Unintended Outcomes

by cricketjeff on April 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She knew he was a veteran debaucher
But she not a naive debauchee.
The tabloids labelled her a red hot scorcher,
She’d targeted her latest rich scorchee.

The willing fool fell victim to her scheming —
Convinced he’d found a foolish little girl.
His friends could not convince him he was dreaming,
So sure was he she’d drown within his whirl.

But Cupid has a wicked sense of humour,
And sprays his magic darts mischievously.
An honest love between groomee and groomer,
Though each of them had started deviously.

Each hunter was the other’s eager prey —
They’re still together to this very day


Author notes

Sorry don’t do reserves but I have three 9 letter Ds for you

Debaucher, debauchee and deviously, the first two were the “inspiration” but the other fitted too.