Poetry by Jeff Green


If We Meet

by cricketjeff on April 18, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Would we gaze at sudden sunsets as the flocks of starlings weave,
Swapping tails of lost tomorrows in a land of make believe?
Should we tell each other secrets as the spread of stars appears?
Holding tight onto each other would we fight against our fears?
We could kiss and find the answers to the questions no-one knows,
As the Night starts smiling sweetly and the midnight zephyr blows.
As we lay by lazy rivers we would see the heavens shine,
Toasting hopes of loving futures with a glass of vintage wine.
Under scattered pearls and diamonds on a deep blue velvet bed
We would talk of all that matters, follow every valid thread;
Till with drip, drip, drips of passion, we surrendered to our fate
And in fingertipping fashion we unlaced one last debate.
When the dawn first fired the treetops, and the dew dropped all around,
We would sleep away all heartaches as we dreamt of all we’d found.

Author notes

15 syllables in a slow lazy tetrameter, mmm I love that meter