Poetry by Jeff Green


Bunny’s Big Day

by cricketjeff on April 19, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a funny looking bunny
Tempting parents to spend money
On Easter eggs and other chocolate treats,
Though his friend, a toothless fairy,
Warns us all we should be wary
Of the consequence of eating lots of sweets.

All the younger kids go crazy,
Though the teenagers stay lazy
And their older siblings hope their lovers send
Some delicious little token
Of the words so often spoken
That suggest a closer tie than “from a friend”.

When the children find their treasure
There’ll be whoops and squeals of pleasure,
Until Mums arrive to spoil the guilty feast —
“Not till breakfast has been finished
And your appetite diminished;
I want to see it last a week at least.”

But a chocolate covered terror
Cannot see the slightest error
In consuming all they have in half and hour,
How can Mothers be so boorish,
Chocolate eggs are always more-ish,
And at eight such self restraint’s beyond your power.

Older siblings make their phone-calls
That will turn to sigh and moan-calls
As they coo their thanks and speak of nothing much
Dad pretends he’s sleeping through it
(If you “sweet him” he will chew it)
And outside the bunny’s back inside her hutch!