Poetry by Jeff Green


The Screen Goddess

by cricketjeff on April 24, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Every word was soft seduction
Every move suggested more
From the formal introduction
To a circuit of the floor

Flowing gold fell round her shoulders
Liquid sapphire in her eyes
She could light the fire that smoulders
Till her happy victim dies

Not a blemish free perfection
Just an August breeze away
No one raised the least objection
When we cast her in the play

Men who saw her often whistled
Then they dreamt another fate
And their women’s faces bristled
Was it envy, was it hate?

When she danced she captured lovers
When she sang she broke their hearts
From one kiss no man recovers
Living on in shattered parts

Was she ever more than daydreams
In a thousand breaking hearts
Must such fantasies still stay dreams
If her victims play their parts …