Poetry by Jeff Green


Change of Plan

by cricketjeff on April 25, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sir Montague Finneston turns to his son
And asks what he thinks they should do to have fun,
“Go shooting or fishing, head out for a drive?”
The son tells his father, “lets prove we’re alive —
Young Molly MacPherson is home for a while
And each time we see her she throws me a smile,
Her mother’s a widow, not yet forty-two,
I bet there’s a smile she would offer to you.
Let’s take them both dancing, then home for a drink,
Much better than shooting or fishing, I think”
Sir Monty starts smiling and says to his son,
“Your plan has some merits, and promises fun,
It needs just one change though, before I agree —
Young Molly’s not smiling at you, but at me!”