Poetry by Jeff Green


Damn the Lot of Them!

by cricketjeff on April 26, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My problem with the World is other people —
They never seem to do the things they should.
You get things set and then some bloody creep’ll
Move everything to where a bull is stood.

It’s hard to see your hours of preparation
Destroyed beneath a flood of fresh ordure;
A thoughtless act results in devastation
Could isolation be the only cure?

I try to be a friendly fellow worker
But sabotage destroys a calm façade.
I seethe and hope to see the silly shirker
Condemned to sit astride a large petard.

Can it be wrong to feel a bit vindictive,
When everything you’ve done has been unpicked?

Author notes

The couplet …

I am unsure about this form of rhyming, read it aloud and see what you think, I like the maintenance of the alternating masculine and feminine line endings but the trick of “throwing away” the final syllable of the 13th line so you hear the true rhyme between vinDICT and unPICKED eludes me sometimes when I read it.

Any thoughts?