Poetry by Jeff Green


A Private Occasion

by cricketjeff on April 29, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My city is filled with a hubbub or two
Onlookers all straining to get a good view
The squadrons of snappers have grabbed every perch
To wait for two people who’re bound for the church
He asked, she agreed, so they’re tying the knot
And Westminster Abbey is their chosen spot

A gossip of journalists, all of them heading
To stand in the street outside Will and Kate’s wedding

In lofts and in sheds there are fathers still hunting
For planks to make benches and street party bunting
There’s cup-cakes, samosas, there’s burgers and beer
And large plasma tellies, must know when to cheer!
A girl that I know’s in a Union Jack dress
It’s never looked better I have to confess

A gawping of tourists all here for the day
That Catherine Middleton’s given away

The Ghurkas and guards will be finding this strange
A crowd keen to cheer them must be a big change
The tall and the short are together on guard
(There’s pictures of both on a souvenir card)
Policemen on horseback are lining the route
So Kate can’t get lost on her bridal commute

Processions of horses, with airman on hand
To see that the day goes the way it was planned

A pilot who rescues lost bathers and sailors
And buys all his suits at the nation’s best tailors
Is nervously waiting till “She” has arrived
A more awkward feeling cannot be contrived
And just ’cause his father’s the son of the Queen
His moments of terror are part of the scene

A flutter of flags marks the drive down the strand
The proof that the world loves a party that’s grand

The dress is a beauty the bride is the same
With bridesmaids  around her like moths round a flame
The trumpets sound fanfares the pew sitters rise
A vision of romance in everyone’s eyes
He looks like a million she looks rather more
A night full of passion is clearly in store!

The town’s heading home with their smiles fixed in place
But not quite as broad as the one on her face