Poetry by Jeff Green


Denis’s Day Out

by cricketjeff on May 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A dragon named Denis flew off to the zoo
He wanted to visit his friend the gnu
To talk to the tigers and tease polar bears
And flying is faster than walking up stairs

The man on the turnstile turned white as a page
Perhaps he’d arrived at that difficult age
When dragons seem scary not friends you’ve not met
But Denis won’t fry you, he’s only just ate!

The gnu was surprised when his friend came to call
He hadn’t expected a visit at all
He didn’t have cake in, his hair was a sight
But Denis assured him that all was all right

The tigers were boisterous they bounce as you know
And some of the penguins had put on a show
Which Denis, politely, applauded and praised
All dragons like Denis were beautifully raised

The man on the gate who’d recovered by now
Was selling some books to a pantomime cow
He finished the sale then he rolled up one sleeve
To pull on the bell that tells people to leave

The people and dragons then made their goodbyes
The animals yawned and rubbed sleep from their eyes
Perhaps next time Denis will think to ring you
And ask if you fancy a day at the zoo!