Poetry by Jeff Green


When Night Falls

by cricketjeff on May 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When the evening starts cooling and the day turns into night,
When the softly smiling crescent starts to shed her silver light,
When my eyes see lids descending, like the fall of morning dew,
I can throw away this lifetime, start eternity with you.

When the blackbird ceases singing, save a few rehearsal bars,
When the sky is flecked with magic and a peppering of stars,
When tomorrow seems to beckon with her promise of the new,
I can feel my heart start smiling as it beats itself to you.

Give me dreams I shall remember throughout days without the sun,
Give me songs I’ll still be singing when all other words are done,
Give me lips that can’t stop kissing, give me entrances on cue,
I’ll forgive each pain filled moment till I’m standing next to you.

When the world has started sleeping and the sky’s turned midnight blue
I shall fill my voice with laughter for the joy of loving you