Poetry by Jeff Green


Not Just a Dream

by cricketjeff on May 8, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Why would you live for promises tomorrow,
Or think that threats show men a better way?
Forget about pretended joy and sorrow
And build a world that’s living for today.

We’re all the same, not born to serve a nation,
Let’s fight for life and not some petty king.
Religions too encourage confrontation
When every one has different truths to bring.

And if you claim to own the world’s resources,
Then other men won’t have enough to live.
Let’s try to find a path that reinforces
The rule “Before you take, you have to give”.

It’s not a dream if we can all agree,
That “they” are worth as much as “you and me”.

Author notes

After John Lennon’s “Imagine”, his is better!