Poetry by Jeff Green


The Eye of the Storm

by cricketjeff on May 10, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She drapes herself on wave-washed rocks,
To shape and tease her golden locks,
Her sun-brushed skin alight with fire,
That fans her mortal mate’s desire.

      He stands beside the starboard rail,
      To watch his lover sun each scale,
      Across his dreams her songs rebound,
      His heartbeat joins the haunting sound.

As breakers racing from the storm,
Caress her lazy liquid form,
She slips beneath the breaking foam,
That decorates her hidden home.

      The masts and spars are canvas skinned
      And start to taste the coming wind
      The living hull begins to dance
      And bear him from his greatest chance

She swims abreast the clipper’s sides
To watch her sailor as he rides
Her love-bright eyes reflect the light
The Moon now spreads across the night

      He feels her presence in his mind
      The love he cannot leave behind
      And certain of a great reward
      He throws his body overboard

No man can live beneath the sea
But love can set all spirits free
Their tragic souls entwined to form
The peaceful eye of every storm


Author notes

The image is from http://www.dailybento.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/j.-scott-campbell.-the-little-mermaid.-001.jpg