Poetry by Jeff Green


Who Cares for Fair?

by cricketjeff on May 13, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I often hear the folk I know opining
“I don’t deserve her love, it can’t be true”.
I wish that they would put aside their whining,
Unblind their eyes, look round and get a clue.

Then other friends will maybe start complaining,
Or if they don’t I know their children will,
“It isn’t fair, I always get a caning”,
Who cares for fair, dip deep and drink your fill.

The world would be a dreadful place to live in,
If everyone got just what they deserved.
No sweet surprise, no luck and no forgivin’,
No life at all, if fairness were preserved.

We need the chance to wash our fates away,
So hold your wheesht, and live your life today!

Author notes

This started as an entry for Poet Lorry Yacht’s mixed media contest, with a sonnet at each end and a free verse filling, but the free verse was pretentious twaddle and the second sonnet was boring so I ditched ’em both. If you like (as Mari bheag does) to keep the metrical pattern by ending the 13th line in a feminine with it’s closing syllable unmatched in line 14 we could try …

Leave all your fears and bluster at the weigh in,
Strap on your gloves and win the fight today!

Maybe …