Poetry by Jeff Green


All That is True

by cricketjeff on May 15, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now yesterday’s become a strange illusion,
Tomorrow still a promise unfulfilled.
Our lives are lived surrounded by confusion,
Today’s the only time that must be filled.

The sorrows of the past no longer harm us,
There’s time enough for future hopes and fears;
We cannot let their influence becalm us
And waste away these precious middle years.

I’ll always love the pleasures I remember,
But throw away the pain I thought I knew.
I’ll dream my life can have a sweet December,
While knowing that today alone is true.

True happiness is knowing who you are,
Not waiting to outshine the brightest star.

Author notes

I am unhappy with the couplet (how often do I say and think that?) so I may come back to it.

I like it better now.