Poetry by Jeff Green


A Day in the Sky

by cricketjeff on May 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The morning spilled her golden glow
Across the ink-black night
A treasure chest of hues on show
A symphony of light

Then blue serenity appeared
A flat-calm ocean sky
Though which a lonely cloud was steered
While seagulls drifted by

First one, then two, the sea turned grey,
The golden light was chilled
A broiling mass turned out the day
And tears of rain were spilled

As war breaks out with fire and roar
The louring skies erupt
Between each crash the torrents pour
While  flashes interrupt

Too fierce to last the light returns
The counterpane is shred
Light greys and blues as darkness burns
The raging storm now dead

Its final act throws every hue
In arcs across the sky
A rainbow bridge divides the blue
Where songbirds learn to fly

Until the West puts on the gold
The East left far behind
Soft night returns to guard the fold
The spinning Earth designed

Author notes

A Day in the Sky