Poetry by Jeff Green


Gallopers and Carousels

by cricketjeff on May 17, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A carousel turns widdershins,
  Ask any roustabout,
But gallopers go with the sun,
  Of that there is no doubt.
The reasoning is plain to see,
  You folk drive on the right
And ladies would not sit astride,
  It’s very impolite,
So carousels can’t go clockwise,
  Or ladies would look in
And gallopers you will surmise
  All boast a right hand spin!

Author notes

In continental Europe and in the USA and Canada Merry-Go-Rounds are called carousels and turn anticlockwise but here in the UK we call them gallopers and they turn clockwise.

It is believed that this difference is because ladies rode side-saddle with their feet on the pavement (sidewalk) side of the horse.