Poetry by Jeff Green


My Advice …

by cricketjeff on May 18, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m asked for advice about writing
By people who think I can write
They want to pen verse worth reciting
That fills readers’ minds with delight

But I don’t know how they can do that
If I knew then I’d do it myself
I’m always in search of the clue that
Makes poetry fly off the shelf

There are a few tips I can give them
I don’t know if they are much use
Write poems as though you have lived them
And check them, don’t make some excuse

No line is too good for removal
A great one may make the whole worse
But it may win widespread approval
Next time you’re composing a verse

Remember that poetry’s oral
So read all you’ve written out loud
Work hard at your writings and more’ll
Be verses to make you feel proud

Author notes

For me “poems” is pronounced “po-ems” if it is pronounced “pomes” for you please substitute “verses” for “poems” in the above