Poetry by Jeff Green


Drifting Away

by cricketjeff on May 19, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Today’s a day for lazy boats and pretty girls and wine
      An ever rolling river ripples by
The rhythm of the train wheels soon become the mighty Rhine
      While reality and daydreams share the sky
Computer screens and meetings greet the dreaded telephone
But I want days of idle ways where we can be alone

Today’s a day for walking boots and sporty girls and stout
      The sunset stretched across the Irish sea
The slog for lunch from Sainbury’s is a walk on Kinder Scout
      Then Devon scones and strawberries for tea
Not scripts that need rewriting and configuration files
I live for days of gentle breeze and nights of happy smiles

Today’s a day for cricket on a stretch of stripy grass
      A pretty girl asleep beside her book
The sounds of snicks and sixes as the careful overs pass
      And eyes that almost stir to steal a look
Who cares the World’s gone madder than a monkey eating buns
I’d rather wait for lunchtime in a haze of hurried runs

Today’s a day for cocktails and a girl who loves a joke
      A barmaid full of flirts and “same to you”s
Or strolling round a woodland filled with beech and mighty oak
      And lots more life than in a dozen zoos
So I’m not in the office where my body has to stay
I’m sitting here beside you far too many miles away …