Poetry by Jeff Green


My Friend

by cricketjeff on May 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

And if I could I’d hold you every moment of the day,
I’d offer you the stars above to keep your tears at bay.
You walk through life a goddess but inside a frightened child,
An enchantress, and a fairy, and the girl who drives me wild.

And if I could I’d kiss you every moment of the day,
Then give you everything you love to try to make you stay —
You showed me all the facets and the faces of your heart,
The mistress of enticement sweet exponent of the art.

And if I could I’d love you every moment of the day,
You gave my soul a needed shove to set me on my way.
We stand toward the sunset and embrace its final glow,
You gave me half your courage and my first true chance to know.

And if I could … , you know the rest, you too have seen today,
My teacher in the school of love the actress in my play.
The dream I’ll never wake from and reality beside;
Perhaps it’s hell or heaven and we met the day I died.

And as I can I’ll keep you, from now on and evermore,
The special friend I’ll always love, the girl that I adore,
The first, the last, the in-between, the best and, yes, the worst;
No other girl has told me that all men were meant to burst!