Poetry by Jeff Green


The Final Peace

by cricketjeff on May 21, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sunset settles slowly bringing beauty to the West,
A fiery opal trinket pinned to Mother Nature’s breast,
A thousand ugly rooftops changed to choppy golden seas
And blackbirds serenading from the tops of cherry trees.
That fluffy salmon ribbon was a contrail at its birth
But now it’s slowly spreading like a swell of gentle mirth,
The clematis is beeful as the day begins to die,
Beneath serene perfection of a light blue pink stained sky.
Some magpies start to argue on the fence across the street,
A pigeon’s looking puzzled but he knows he can’t compete,
The starlings have departed and the breeze now sighs its last,
A freshly finished painting of a world that’s almost past.
The touch of friendly silence changes everything I see,
And I’ve got scones and butter and a large brown pot of tea!