Poetry by Jeff Green


The Moderate Drinker

by cricketjeff on May 22, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Capacity prodigious,
And he likes to see it shown
He has never been religious
But he never walks alone.
The friends that stay beside him
Make him feel his life’s complete;
He so loves the feel inside him
Of that alcoholic heat.

A bottle full of cider
And some vodka in a flask
With rum as his decider
To resolve a tricky ask
A premixed gin and tonic
With martini for a change
And when he’s melancholic
There are more he can arrange

In his case he keeps some Archers
Though he’s had it for a while
If he sees some sad departures
Southern Comfort makes him smile
With a brandy in his pocket
And white wine to fight a thirst
He’s enough to fuel a rocket
And a head that’s fit to burst!