Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on May 23, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Inanimate, but are they unaware?
It sometimes seems they’re working to a plan
A secret scheme that we can never share
The realm of things is none too keen on man

The train I missed broke down and wouldn’t move
And so my own was forty minutes late
You’ll understand my plight as soon as you’ve
Sat steaming as these things decide your fate

And while I steamed, beneath another train
An ancient rail decided it would snap
Another thing was heaping on the pain
They must believe that I’m a dreadful chap

Another train, and then a dreary walk
I’m just in time to see the fast train leave
If you shut up I know we’ll hear them talk
A whispered plan our minds cannot conceive

A twenty minute stand is long enough
And all around I sense their sharpened knives
Can I survive this fight against the stuff
That we believe exists to ease our lives

The final leg I’ll walk not make a fuss
Although I know that walking isn’t fast
No point in waiting for a late-night bus
Then as I leave I watch it sailing past!

Author notes

Resistentialism was invented (I think I remember correctly) by Paul Jennings to describe the fundamental hostility of things to man, they hate us you know!