Poetry by Jeff Green


All about Cricketjeff

by cricketjeff on December 14, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

1. Username?  cricketjeff
2. First name or nickname?  Jeff
3. Color hair?  was almost black but the black hairs have gone grey so now dark brown and grey
4. Color eyes?  brown but they vary, used to be almost black, now are rather green
5. Birthday: month and day? 30th July
6. Favorite colour?  no idea, different things on different days look good in different colours
7. Favorite number?  e or pi or i probably, something irrational
8. Favorite song?    changes regularly but Help by the Beatles perhaps atm
9. Favorite movie?            The Titchfield Thunderbolt
10. Favorite TV show?          Dr Who
11. Favorite food and drink?  roast pork and tea
12. Favorite holiday?  playing trains or hill walking
13. Favorite place to visit?    The Oval
14. Favorite game as a child?  cricket, still is
15. Favorite game now?          see 14
16. Are you a published author, if yes, what have you published and where can we buy them?
                                in the past but not poetry, various scientific articles, also
                                patents etc. but they hardly count!
17. What are your hobbies?      writing poetry, playing with computers all sorts of things
18. Name of last book you read? always have several on the go at once, currently Stephen Fry’s “The Ode less travelled”. A rhyming history of England, my annual re-read of “Lord of the rings” and a couple of trashy novels, will all be different next week.
19. Name of last movie you watched? No idea, at the cinema? Nanny Macphee I think.
20. How long have you been writing? In my head all my life, on Birthday cards etc 30 years for others in general 1 year.