Poetry by Jeff Green


A Storm in a Teacup

by cricketjeff on May 26, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A casual series of kisses
Threw Adam’s life into a spin
When some of the pretty young misses
Sold stories revealing his sin.

His namesake, the guy from the Bible,
Was married to Eve long ago;
But thanks to the concept of libel
I daren’t tell you all that I know.

A long-standing “Super injunction”,
Ignored by the overseas press,
Was too widely written to function
So everyone knew of the mess.

Undaunted by history’s teaching
Young Adam’s applied for his own;
I can’t show him sadly beseeching
“Please, all of you leave me alone”.

When he stands to pocket the dollars
His privacy’s not in his thoughts,
But when others do so he hollers
That “gossip’s the cruellest of sports”.

Although I don’t care who he’s kissing,
I wouldn’t have read what she said,
Since he made the fuss no-one’s missing
The story he wished to see dead.

The best way to stop all the papers
Retelling their tales about you.
Is not try to hide all your capers.
Just don’t do what you shouldn’t do!

Author notes

If this flies over your head try Googling “super injunction” and the “Streisand effect”