Poetry by Jeff Green


What is a Poet?

by cricketjeff on May 31, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A poet’s a writer with gold in his pen,
Who pours down his meanings and answers the yen
Of readers who sigh for the world they can’t see
And only find beauty through sweet poetry.

A poet’s a painter, with words not with paint,
Who shows you the world as you know that it ain’t;
Who teachers the teachers and learns from the fools
And never gives best to the writers of rules.

A poet makes music without any notes,
And sails on the oceans without using boats,
He touches the heavens and plumbs to the core
Then picks at the seams of your life till it’s sore.

A poet’s a poet, a writer of verse,
A lover of language who’ll always rehearse
The sounds that a thought makes, the colour of rhyme
And changes dull prose into something sublime.

Author notes

For the benefit of those who wear blinkers, “he” here is not gender exclusive, if I were a woman I would have written “she”.