Poetry by Jeff Green


The Sonnet IS for you!

by cricketjeff on June 1, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sonnet is a simple form of verse,
With bouncing flow and easy perfect rhyme.
The only trick to master is, rehearse!
You have to get it right time after time.

It starts with flow, you think “de DUM de DUM”
And let that meter occupy your mind;
The finished piece will always be the sum
Of rhythm and the best rhymes you can find.

A sonnet stands on content in the end,
And at the end the couplet is the king.
A gorgeous start will always be your friend
But perfect finishing is everything.

The mystique’s just a load of ballyhoo
If you can write, the sonnet is for you.


Author notes

Well actually it’s only the Shakespearean sonnet of course, in English I feel it is the simplest one to master, you only need to find rhymes in pairs and you have something to aim for.
As I say in the sonnet just start by getting the rhythm in your head, make yourself think in the beat
And write a first line, expand it into a quartet, then start thinking about your couplet. After that you only have to fill in the gaps