Poetry by Jeff Green


The start of something big?

by cricketjeff on December 14, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Cherry ice
That sound’s nice
This weekend will you melt?

    Take my advice
    Don’t ask me twice
    My coldness you have felt

I heed you not
You could be hot
If ever I unwrap you

    Just one small drink
    And then you think
    I’ve wanted to entrap you

You lips say no
And yet you show
The signs to lead me on

    These signs may lie
    It’s true that I
    Just wish you would be gone

Your tongue now slips
Between your lips
To lick away the taste

    It is not so
    So please just go
    Your attentions are misplaced

My lips will now
Just show you how
Our weekend could be spent

    Not don’t do that
    Just sit and chat
    And maybe I’ll relent

I touch your thigh
And hear you sigh
Things can quickly change

    Now don’t slow down
    Or I shall frown
    I have you in my range

Your hand on mine
It gives a sign
That you would like some more

    Move your hand higher
    And light my fire
    And later you may score!

Against my chest
Your breasts are pressed
Our eyes are locked in synch

    Your middle finger
    Starts to linger
    Where I’d like to link

I think I’ll kiss
My frosty Miss
To get things under way

    You better kiss
    Your frosty Miss
    I’m ready now to play!

Author notes

Just a soft and naughty dalliance, I suspect you wanted the poem about what came next!