Poetry by Jeff Green


The Concept of Fiction

by cricketjeff on March 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I like to write poetry, well doggerel maybe, on a wide variety of subjects. I have written about myself, about friends and relatives, and my deepest thoughts. However most of my writing is fiction, that is to say IT ISN’T TRUE!

This seems a concept that some on AP cannot grasp. I try not to put what is and isn’t true in my author’s notes for a couple of reasons, firstly because they are just as much my writing as anything else I put on AP. As an example my poems about “Bindy Bandy” and “Umbleania” all contain detailed descriptions of how to get there. And secondly because I don’t really think it matters, or at least it shouldn’t. There are a few people though who seem to be hurt or offended by what I write, because I say “I” or “You” in the poetry. Please guys remember, it is just poetry! My usual reason for writing anything is because the words formed in my head and I liked the way they sounded. When I write personal poetry it usually be in the personal category or I will send it to the person concerned. If I write political or ranting pieces I leave it to others to decide if I mean them

Rant over, get back to what you were doing …