Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on October 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Welcome to this, the third anthology of poems under the title “On Viewless Wings”. Started under the instigation of our editor Ron Wiseman and produced by the hard work of selfless volunteers from amongst the poets themselves.
We are a disparate band, covering a wide age range, and from countries all across the globe brought together simply by our love of poetry. Some of us are new to the art and others seasoned veterans, some love to write in formal rhyme and meter and some in free verse, and others try both.
Contained in these pages you will find a wide range of styles of poetry loosely divided into a number of themes, an essay giving an in depth look at one of our members and critical judgement on the poems in the last volume by Bruce Dawes, the very well respected Australian poet. More than that we hope you will find some new treasures, little gems that will bury themselves in your heart and provide pleasure for years to come.
We offer you these samples of our art,
The children of the labours of the soul,
Each poem here is dear to someone’s heart
And each was born to meet a different goal.
We hope you’ll find some fit you like a glove
And others make you think, or laugh aloud.
We’ve written of our hopes, our fears, and love;
So many fields and furrows deeply ploughed.
Dear reader, please, enjoy the words within;
The tales they tell, the feelings they evoke.
Each time you smile we’ll count another win,
Perhaps you’ll cry, or find a dreadful joke.
And you may learn, whenever language sings,
A poet’s heart took flight “On Viewless Wings”
Jeff Green