Poetry by Jeff Green


Hieroglyhic Horror

by cricketjeff on June 3, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Five thousand years ago, or maybe more,

Men didn’t write, they drew a little sketch;

These hieroglyphs kept comprehension poor

But writing wasn’t for the common wretch.


Then, far from here, a genius was inspired,

Who cast the little images aside.

And suddenly the human race acquired

The means to spread its knowledge far and wide.


Now silly pictures pop-up everywhere,

Perhaps the human race has lost the way,

You go to pee and people gasp and stare

The picture on the door’s led you astray!


What’s wrong with words? No wonder kids can’t read

It’s only poets now who see the need!



Author notes

Too many bloody icons that mean absolutely nothing and look nothing like what they are supposed to represent.