Poetry by Jeff Green


No Excuses!

by cricketjeff on June 4, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wish that I could blame the change for slaughtering my muse

        But that would be a monumental lie

Or swear that I would write but hate had coloured all my views

        But I am not a weird vindictive guy

The changes that our leader’s made are not at all to blame

On any site my poetry’s the same


I wish that I could pass the buck for all my many faults

       But you are not all dafter than the dead

If Kevin slaughters virgin goats while turning somersaults

       It won’t affect the voices in my head

The rich text box is not my friend but not why I can’t write

       That’s just because my brain’s out for the night


I wish that I could think some thoughts to change the fate of man

       Or win the Nobel Prize for spreading peace

But I can’t even tell the tale of Matthew and his Nan

       Or how Arbuthnot came to meet Bernice

I really want a good excuse but inspiration’s left

       And no-one’s going to prison for the theft


It’s hard for me to tell the truth, but all my fiction’s flown

       So I can’t start a story or a song

My friendly dragon Melvin isn’t answering his phone

       And Snaggleduff has texted “Move along”

Tomorrow I may feel the urge to buckle down and write

       But now it’s time for tea and bed, goodnight!






Author notes

But really this bloody rich text editor has GOT to go!!!