Poetry by Jeff Green


There is No Justice!

by cricketjeff on June 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A man, called Stan, conceived a plan to offset all the cost;

To compensate for damage that was caused.

A way to pay for gross decay, to find all that he’d lost,

The day that all he strove towards was paused.

A butterfly, the TV said, had started the effect,

That grew into the hurricane that saw his future wrecked.


So Stan, the man who’d had the plan, sent papers to the court,

To start a claim against the insect world.

He’d bring the wings of creeping things, to book for all their sport,

That science said saw ocean systems whirled.

Those butterflies would rue the day they flew with little care,

Showed no consideration for disturbing others’ air.


His plan, thought Stan, would favour man, against those bugs who sin,

The jury would award him all he asked.

He knew to sue was what to do, there was no doubt he’d win,

His lawyers rushed to do as they were tasked.

But soon they stood incredulous, his action was denied,

The judge said complex metaphors can not be reified!






Author notes

A poem to illustrate the verb “to reify”