Poetry by Jeff Green


Just a phone call

by cricketjeff on December 14, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We are not together, you’re miles away
I call on your mobile, so that we can play
Softly I whisper the things I would do
If you were right here and I was here too
My fingers are straying and playing your clit
And testing your pussy to check I will fit
My fingers, I urge you, are questing within
You feel that it’s real, that I’m touching your skin

Inside your body my fingers now quest
A thumb on the outside attends to the rest
I tell you in detail, each way that I touch
I hear in your voice that you need me so much
Inwards and outwards and teasing and pressing
Your moans say you know that it’s you I’m caressing
Your clit on the outside, your G-spot within
I know from your sounds I am close to a win

Pressing on boldly, I’m nearly there too
I whisper devotion, you cum right on cue
Still I keep pushing and driving you higher
My own body fills up with lust and desire
Together our breathing is laboured and tight
And all of our thoughts are on loving tonight
Exploding as one all the miles melt away
We’ve never been closer than we are today