Poetry by Jeff Green


The Giggles of the Iggle-Piggle

by cricketjeff on June 7, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When a mirthful iggle-piggle
First begins to feel a giggle
You may notice that her nose begins to shake
There’ll be ripples through her shoulders
Like an avalanche of boulders
That flow downwards like a wave that wants to break
Soon her arms begin to bobble
And her flappy bits to wobble
As the well of sounds within her starts to boil
There are murmurings of chuckles
And she’ll bite down on her knuckles
While her eyes shine like a puddle bathed in oil
Now a waterfall of laughter
That you’ll hear forever after
Will be washed along by rivulets of tears
And I know without rejoinder
That your own smirks will have joined her
You can catch mad gigglitis through your ears!

Author notes


Apparently there is a character in a TV programme called Igglepiggle, just to point out this isn’t about him, iggle piggle is just something I say when other words won’t suffice