Poetry by Jeff Green


Gazing at Giza

by cricketjeff on June 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I stood alone, atop a stable roof
To gaze upon a wonder of this world
Three pyramids stood noble and aloof
And at their feet the faithful Sphinx sat curled.
What vast array of men had built these tombs,
Who laboured long beneath the heartless sun?
New mountains built around three tiny rooms
A vain attempt to see Death’s deeds undone.
The ages pass, and legends fade and die
While winds and sand obscure the works of man
A golden sea extends towards the sky
These pyramids mere smudges on the plan.
     Three gateways to a life amongst the stars
     Surrounded by Americans in cars …


Author notes

OK so I’m no Percy Bysshe

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