Poetry by Jeff Green


Modesty Forbids

by cricketjeff on June 22, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There are times when understatement isn’t all you want to see
When you crave a grander language with a sense of majesty
When you need to gild your lilies, scatter diamonds in your hair
Show the World your regal bearing while you smile to show you care.

There are strange, infrequent moments when immodesty is best
When your diffident demeanour should be left alone to rest
When a small exaggeration could be worth a million pounds
And the world needs all your saying for the beauty of your sounds

If you feel these times approaching then I know you’ll bear the weight
With the swarve sophistication that’s the hallmark of the great
You will bow perhaps or curtsey to the lesser mortals near
And without the least presumption you will make your meanings clear

Now I offer this suggestion of a time of certainty
You will need to shout your loudest when you say nice things of me!


Author notes

Need I say more? I cannot really help being so much better than mere mortals, I try of course, but what can I do, I know you must feel blessed to merely know of my existence …