Poetry by Jeff Green


The Saddest Truth

by cricketjeff on June 23, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though love survives the worst of times
It can’t outlast them all.
Some dreadful unromantic crimes
Can see its castle fall.

The warmth of love will seem like ice
When cloaked in jealous green,
What most will see as “Being nice”
Is turned to “Being mean”.

A simple truth’s a dreadful lie;
The kindest word a knife,
And heartfelt love is left to die
When envy rules your life.

No other heart is yours to rule,
No other must obey.
It takes a special kind of fool
To throw a love away.

Why search for pain in every glance
Seek darkness in the light
Sometimes a dance is just a dance
And not a cause to fight.

For me true love contains no rage
It’s trust, it’s warmth, it’s free.
A songbird in a golden cage
Is life in misery.