Poetry by Jeff Green


The Death of a Friend

by cricketjeff on June 26, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It isn’t for the moment that we grieve,
Sometimes the time has come to close the book;
But there are tears whenever friends must leave,
It’s hard to know you’ve had your final look.

They won’t be there to hear your latest news —
To look askance when you have gone astray.
Although you’ve never understood their views,
They showed you how to see another way.

But people die, not love, that will remain.
The ones you lose are still within your heart
And though the loss will always bring you pain,
Now they’re inside you’ll never be apart.

So shed your tears, this is the time to cry,
But keep them close, don’t ever say goodbye.

Author notes

For a friend whose grandmother died today, at home, amongst family, after a long and painful illness.