Poetry by Jeff Green


The Lady

by cricketjeff on June 27, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It isn’t always easy when your bones are past their best
     To laugh away the troubles of the day
When all is bright and breezy she applies her self with zest
     But other times her mojo ebbs away
Yet over all these ages she has never let them down
On tours through country byways or on shopping trips to town

She used to take the doctor to his patients day or night
     He never paused to doubt that she would start
Just throw the starting handle with the mixture set just right
     And listen to her steady beating heart
Over hills on winter evenings twisting lanes in driving rain
Whenever she was needed she would play her part again

Through the war she towed a tender fighting fires and saving lives
     Her shiny paint now dulled to dirty green
An ambulance for children and for soldier’s pregnant wives
     Wherever she was needed she’d be seen
She missed the happy picnics and romantic weekend trips
The summers by the seaside on the cliff-top watching ships

Then when the war was over she was hurried back to work
     With other little jobs to pass the time
The Doctor’s pretty daughter met a man she called The Turk
     The village wedding bells began to chime
She took them to the altar and then on that day in June
She took them off to Brighton for a happy honeymoon

The Doctor had replaced her but the daughter kept her near
     An easy automotive middle age
She lost so many sisters and saw modern cars appear
     But for her friends she still held centre stage
Another generation learned to love her leather seats
With “Are we nearly there yet”s on another round of treats

These children soon had children and the eldest of the crew
     So loved the long black lady of the road
That he took her from his Granny (with her blessing it is true)
     And turned her into treasure to be showed
So now she’s on a day trip down to Goodwood she was told
Where she’ll outshine all others and return home wearing gold!


Author notes

Needs a bit of work I think in places …