Poetry by Jeff Green


A Little Bit of Madness Makes You Glad

by cricketjeff on June 30, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Don’t ever be fast to fast
Or your waist will start wasting away
The cobbler who’s last at his last
Will never be first out to play

If you were allowed to be loud
I’d hear you were here when you call
You’d say you were proud to be prowed
Like a boat from the port of Porthcawl

My mind must have whirred to make words
Dance jigs as they’re jigging along
But I’d get the bird from most birds
If I started singing this song!

So please don’t ignore all my pleas
Get treated before all is lost
When words knead me down to my knees
I can’t face accosting the cost

I’m mad as a madman who’s madder
Than mad old man Mardy the mad
But glad if this rhyme makes you gladder
Than Gladys who’s known to be glad!