Poetry by Jeff Green


Percy the Parrot’s Poem

by cricketjeff on July 1, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The room was neat and tidy and the TV wasn’t on
The chairs stood straight as soldiers and the silver teapot shone
An air of expectation hung a welcome on the door
With the sound of patient pacing on the floor

And Percy the Parrot said “Pieces of Eight”
And “Give us a cracker” and “Who’s yer best mate?”
While the pendulum swung to and fro

So many preparations, put the kettle on to boil,
The kitchen door’s still squeaky better fetch a drop of oil
Have to plump up every cushion, have to rearrange the cats
And centre both the plates on both the mats

And Percy the Parrot said “Turn out the light”
“It isn’t a promise” and “Corr, what a sight!”
While the pendulum swung to and fro

The clock he always talks to starts to play its hourly chime
His face is grey and haunted like he’s swallowed half a lime
No sound of wheezing breathing till he hears the garden gate
Who knows if he’d recover if she’s late

And Percy the Parrot said “That wasn’t me!”
“Who’s ever so pretty” and “Bring me some tea”
While the pendulum swung too and fro

His heart’s alive with laughter when she presses on the bell
And the kettle starts to whistle and the scones give out their smell
But now’s our time to leave them, it’s a tête-à-tête for two
He hasn’t set a place for me and you

And Percy the Parrot has nothing to say
The cats are both sleeping it’s not time for play
And the pendulum swings to and fro