Poetry by Jeff Green


For you, for me.

by cricketjeff on July 2, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On summer days I smile for you
And hang around awhile for you
The sun is pleased to shine for you
And make the scene divine for you
The sky was set alight for you
So I must sit and write for you
On perfect summer days

You made the world anew for me
You are the only you for me
Yours are the only dreams for me
The world’s not as it seems for me
It’s as you let it be for me
You’re all there is to see for me
On perfect summer days

I want to walk alone with you
And live the life I’ve grown with you
To spend each coming day with you
To always work and play with you
In side my heart I’m wrapped with you
Delighted to be trapped with you
On perfect summer days

Author notes


Don’t think it really works

I have bowed to pressure from 5 readers who disliked my little variation at the end of s2 which used to read

And what you’ve made for me to see
Are perfect summer days

now it is all on “form”