Poetry by Jeff Green


Wiping the Slate

by cricketjeff on July 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For twenty years I worked in Kodak’s labs,
On problems that aren’t problems any more;
Like Opal Fruits and Trebor Sherbert Dabs,
They’re memories of faded days of yore.

The buildings where I laboured don’t exist,
One hundred years of toil turned into dust;
The truths I learnt seem shrouded in a mist
And all my arts are now condemned to rust.

Today I saw the council’s shiny plans,
A new estate, with houses, parks and trees,
Where thousands once helped capture dreams in cans
New dreams will grow, if everyone agrees …

The World must change, not live in yesterday,
But must they wipe my memories away?

Author notes

Kodak manufactured film in Wealdstone (part of the London Borough of Harrow) for about 140 years, and maintained a large research lab there for over 80, where I worked for 22 years after leaving university. But digital imaging has almost completely replaced silver halide based photography, and therefore there’s not a lot of need for chemists to improve the process or vast coating tracks to make film to fill your cameras …