Poetry by Jeff Green


The Curse of the Computer!

by cricketjeff on July 7, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Cold-hearted computers can cause you to curse,
Like working and Wednesdays they’ll make your life worse,
Instead of the boon that they promised to be
They’re grit in the eyes of their minders, like me.

Configured correctly they claim they’re your friend
But quick as a comet their kindness can end
You’ll alter a setting you didn’t suspect
And two weeks of work will be rapidly wrecked

There’s little in life that escapes from the clutch
Of CPU cycles and IO and such
Your car isn’t yours its the pet of a chip
That retunes your engine while engine revs slip

Your clothes will be washed by a robotic brain
That scrambles your socks and then bungs up the drain
You toaster is networked the fridge loves the web
It’s flirting on Facebook (a freezer named Jeb)

On Windows or Linux or Mac OSX
We’re stranded in graphics right up to our necks
You cannot escape it, the net’s everywhere
I wouldn’t be shocked breathing digital air

I’m with them all day and I hate every one
Then when I get home I must use them for fun
I’d head for a bottle and drink till I’m ill
But can’t buy the booze till they reboot the till!